Personal Courses

Leadership Dynamics

Our Leadership Programme Guides People Into A Deep Understanding Of Who They Are. By Identifying The Patterns That Govern Them And Present Methods That Encourage Experiencing What Truly Drives Them. We Aim To Create A High Standard Of Influence In Our Participants Setting Them On The Path Of Inclusive And Progressive Leadership.

Presenting Dynamics

Presenting With NLP Will Enable You To Deliver Effective And Inspirational Presentations That Leave Lasting Impressions. Our Two-Day Course Is Designed Using The Leading Components Needed To Delivering Powerful Presentations. You Will Discover How To Link Your Particular Message To A Compelling Vision And Level Up On Your Presentations.

Coaching Dynamics

Our Coaching Programme Is A Specialised Course Focused On Giving Participants The Awareness And A Clear Understanding Of The Dynamics Of Effective Coaching. This Course Is Packed With Powerful Change Tools, Coaching Strategies And Effective Questioning Models That Empower Clients To Move Toward Achieving Personal And Professional Success.

Relationship Dynamics

This Is Intended For Anyone Who Would Like To Study Human Interaction In Depth, And Encourages You To Review Your Understanding And Definition Of Relationships. You’ll Learn How To Build Value-Centred Relationships, Focused On Shared Growth, Aligned Vision And Mutual Support.


Often We Go Through Life On Auto-Pilot And Rarely Stop To Pay Attention To What Is Really Going On Around Us. Mindfulness Helps Us To Practice ‘Being Present’ Whilst Clearing The Fog Inside The Mind. This A Great Introduction To Mindfulness For Mental Health And Wellbeing.

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