Business Courses

Business Diploma

Our NLP Business Diploma Delivers Depth And Change Relating To The Fundamental Skills And Techniques Of NLP And Coaching. We Combine Classic And New Code NLP To Help Overcome Everyday Professional Challenges, Aiming To Create A High-Performance Culture Within Your Organisation.

The Psychology of Sales

We Begin Our Sales Course By Exploring The Fundamental Psychology Of A Successful Salesperson. We Uncover Advance Sales Strategies That Help Define And Enhance The Selling Process, Whilst Empowering Our Participants Towards Communicating Effectively With Integrity.

Leadership in Business

Unleash Your Potential And Understand The Art Of Empowering, Inspiring And Influencing Yourself And Those Around You. You Will Explore The Psychological Blueprint Of Everything True Modern-Day Leadership Encompasses, Adding Value And Direction To Yourself And Your Organisation.

Presenting with Presence

Crush The Anxiety Of Getting On Stage And Presenting. Overcome The Fear Of Presentations By Projecting Authentically Within A Flow State. Create Instant Rapport With Audiences Of Any Size And Deliver Your Message Effectively Using Powerful NLP Techniques.

Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics Understands How People, Organisations And Cultures Function. It Helps To Understand The Complexities Within Human Existence And Our Deeper Value Systems Whilst Empowering People And Organisations To Work And Live Effectively.

Customer Service Skills

Understand The Skill And Science Behind Providing Outstanding Customer Service, On Both A Conscious And Unconscious Level. Learn And Apply Advanced Communication Methodologies That Leave A Continuing And Memorable Experience With Your Customers.

The Effective Communicator

Become An Expert In Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication, And A Highly Effective Negotiator And Influencer. Our Communication Course Delivers Essential Influence And Persuasion Strategies That Will Enable You To Become A Highly Effective Communicator.

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