How Can NLP Help Me?

How Can NLP Help Me?

How Can NLP Help Me? 560 420 udham

How Can NLP Help me?

You might be wondering ‘What can NLP do for me?’ or ‘How can NLP help anyone?’ NLP offers ways of influencing your thoughts, feelings and how you communicate, and ways of working your mind to achieve successful outcomes for yourself, others – and for organisational transformation, too.  You can get help through coaching, therapy or training in NLP – but first of all, let’s look at how NLP can help.

NLP – its uses

NLP is so versatile and adaptable, it can be useful in many contexts, for many purposes – and with many different people. From supercharging your leadership qualities or leading a team through organisational charge, to helping a child with their spelling or supporting a veteran with PTSD – there is something for everyone.  Whether you use NLP on yourself in daily life, or use it with others in the workplace, NLP is invaluable in helping to improve individual people’s lives, or in enabling groups and organisations to be more effective and productive.

NLP might sound like an unbelievable cure-all, especially to the more sceptical amongst us, but until you try it yourself, you may not appreciate its versatility. Call it your own personal toolbox if you like – although it is even more than that.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. NLP offers a wide range of tools, techniques and attitudes as diverse as the individuals who benefit from them. It is useful in areas like education and training, business leadership, coaching, marketing, sales, health, mental health, sport, arts, and in personal development.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but NLP can help you – or others – to

  • Manage unhelpful emotions like anger and overwhelm
  • Deal with anxiety, stress and depression, including PTSD
  • Build rapport with other people and forge good relationships
  • Communicate well, motivating and inspiring yourself and others
  • Develop fantastic presentation skills
  • Set clear and compelling goals – and achieve them
  • Remove any limiting beliefs and psychological barriers to your success
  • Improve personal or professional efficiency and effectiveness
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Improve spelling and address dyslexia problems
  • Give up smoking, lose weight, and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Sounds too good to be true?

Overcoming Problems with Solution-focussed NLP

Through NLP coaching, people learn that there are a number of ways to get beyond their current challenges. Let’s hear about some case studies.

NLP Case Studies

Simone was depressed

She had a lot of stressors in her life – work, health, and family conflicts. She received some clarity through relaxation, chunking up to the higher purpose of what she was doing, and by undertaking the confusion to understanding technique, she got a better perspective, some detachment from the chaos and was able to prioritise tasks by tapping into her inherent abilities in other contexts.

Kelly was promoted to manage her old team

Kelly felt anxious and uncomfortable leading and talking in front of the team she used to be part of. After learning the NLP anchoring technique, she felt confident and capable in addressing them in team meetings. Some further work on distancing and changing negative self-talk, and perceptual positions to appreciate other people’s points of view enabled her to feel that she deserved the role and could excel in it.  The small changes she made had a hugely positive impact on her self-belief, her relationship with her team, and greatly improved productivity all round.

Kevin suffered from almost constant migraines

Kevin had suffered from crippling headaches for several years, that laid him low for 4 days at a time. He had had all manner of clinical tests and scans to try to diagnose and resolve the problem. No drugs worked. Within 5 minutes, he learned to change the submodalities of the headache, and send it far away. The look of astonishment on his face was amazing! His constant migraine had left him instantly, and he had an invaluable tool to take control of the pain if it ever occurred again.

Mike and his boss’s negative relationship

Both seemed to be talking at cross-purposes, and the environment had become so frosty, that Mike was considering leaving. Mike realised that his boss and he had different communication preferences, and with some flexibility, he realised he could adapt his communication to build rapport with his boss. He also recognised that his boss liked to give and receive ‘big picture’ overviews, but Mike was  detail-oriented and had wanted his boss to give him lots of specific information and – believing it was helpful to know, he always gave his boss minute step-by-step details details of what he’d done. This annoyed his boss and made him impatient – he wanted broad-brush, brief and concise updates.

Mike realised that his boss wasn’t being awkward – he was just ‘different’ from himself.  He learned to chunk up to the bigger picture to give his boss overviews of his work, and he developed a way of asking useful questions to get the information he needed to do his job properly. They both developed a better understanding of one another’s needs resulting in a more positive and productive working relationship and a happier environment.

Lesley wanted to lose weight

She was getting married and wanted to look slim for the photos and video. The ‘like to dislike’ technique using submodality change enabled her to address her addiction to crisps! Some visualisation and timeline work enabled her to see her goals, feel how it would be to achieve them, and plan action to achieve her target weight.

These are just a few examples. Millions of people have experienced the amazing changes and positive differences NLP has made to their lives. Overcoming a single issue by using NLP has released amazing growth, enabling them to flourish – and creating their own happiness, health and success in life. 

With so many useful applications and proven impact, NLP really is a transformational set of tools, techniques and attitudes to improve your professional work and your personal life. Whether you want to achieve success yourself, or help others, you will find that even a little knowledge and practice in NLP will be invaluable to you.

If you’re interested in receiving coaching, or finding out more, please get in touch.