Celebrity Testimonials

Celebrity Testimonials

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A selection of Testimonials from world celebrities on how NLP has helped them in their lives.

Oprah Winfrey “NLP teaches us about taking taking responsibility in our lives is the start to taking back our control of the outcome. Living a life ‘ at cause’ creates empowerment and self-esteem, living ‘ at effect’ is disempowering and victim based… NLP teaches a person the tools on how to take action to transform dreams into reality…”

Anthony (Tony) Robbins says of NLP ‘I built my sales career from zero to become to worlds best motivator using NLP”

Pharrell Williams: “Pharrell Williams’s talks about his use of and love of NLP in this Psychology Today article. ‘I am a huge NLP person. I love NLP.”

Cheryl Cole in the Girls Aloud autobiography called Dreams That Glitter: “I used NLP for the purpose of getting back my self-esteem and finding a more positive way of being.

Oprah Winfrey: “Oprah Winfrey says of NLP ‘NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them, it is amazing.”

Russell Brand “NLP assisted me in finally kicking drug and alcohol addictions, it changed my life.”

Heston Blumenthal “You can use NLP to open doors to opportunities you never knew existed,” 

Reese Witherspoon “NLP helped me overcome my insecurities.”

Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort :